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Victims of Colorado Club Shooting Remembered: Five Lives Lost

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The tragic shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs has left the community reeling, as residents and leaders offer support to those who were injured and traumatized by the incident. The attack on the beloved LGBTQ nightclub has claimed the lives of five people who were simply there to enjoy the evening festivities or to work in the venue. They are identified as Raymond Green Vance, Kelly Loving, Daniel Aston, Derrick Rump, and Ashley Paugh.

Daniel Aston – Bar Supervisor with a Bright Future

Daniel Aston, 28, was a bar supervisor at Club Q and considered by many to have a bright future ahead of him. His friend and co-worker, bartender Michael Anderson, described him as a friend and someone he had known for a few years. On the night of the shooting, Anderson saw the gunman and took cover behind the bar with Aston as glass shattered around them. Although Anderson managed to escape, he was devastated to learn that Aston had not survived.

Derrick Rump – A Beloved Bartender Who Found His Place

Derrick Rump was a bartender at Club Q and had found a community he loved there, according to his sister, Julia Kissling. “He made a difference in so many people’s lives, and that’s where he wanted to be,” she told CNN. Rump and his coworker Daniel Aston were described as “the light and the heart of Club Q” by Jessi Hazelwood, who had met them shortly after moving to Colorado Springs. Rump was known for his love of Britney Spears, and if her music was playing, you knew he was working the bar. He and Aston were polar opposites in many ways, but they worked well together and were the glue that kept everything together at Club Q.

Ashley Paugh, Kelly Loving, and Raymond Green Vance – Remembered for Their Kind Hearts

Ashley Paugh was at Club Q to celebrate a friend’s birthday when the shooting occurred. Her family said she had a contagious smile and loved helping others. Kelly Loving was a non-profit worker with a huge heart who had moved to Colorado Springs to be closer to her brother. Raymond Green Vance was a musician who loved to perform and was known for his kindness and generosity. All three were described by friends and family as people who made the world a better place with their kind hearts and warm personalities.

The Aftermath of the Shooting

The shooting at Club Q has left the Colorado Springs community in shock and mourning. The police department has identified the suspect as a 27-year-old male who took his own life after the attack. Investigations are still ongoing, and authorities are asking anyone with information to come forward. Meanwhile, the community is coming together to offer support to the victims and their families, with vigils and fundraisers being organized to help those affected by the tragedy. The LGBTQ community is also calling for greater safety measures to be implemented to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.


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