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Texas Man Arrested for Threatening Doctor Providing Transgender Care in Boston

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I. Introduction

A Texas man was arrested and charged with making interstate threats against a doctor who provides care to the transgender community in Boston. The doctor was among several healthcare providers at the Boston Children’s Hospital who were allegedly targeted with false information about performing hysterectomies and gender affirmation surgeries on patients under 18. The threats and harassment increased after the spread of the misinformation on social media, leading to violent threats against the doctor and other health professionals.

II. Arrest and Charges

Matthew Jordan Lindner, 38, was arrested by the FBI for allegedly calling and threatening the Boston doctor. He has been charged with one count of transmitting interstate threats and is being held without bail. Lindner is scheduled to appear in federal court in Boston at a later date. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison, up to three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

III. Background on the Case

According to the criminal complaint, Lindner was identified as the person who made a threatening voicemail to the Fenway Institute’s National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center in Boston, which specializes in sexual health issues and advocates for gender-affirming care. In the voicemail, the caller threatened to injure and kill the physician at the center. Investigators determined that Lindner has a license for firearms.

IV. LGBTQ Community Targeted

The case is part of a larger trend of increased violence and threats against the LGBTQ community. Last year was the deadliest on record for the transgender community, and there was a record-breaking number of anti-transgender legislation introduced across the country. The US Attorney for Massachusetts, Rachael S. Rollins, stated that Lindner’s threat was rooted in a hatred of the LGBTQIA+ community and the people who support them, calling them victims too.

V. Conclusion

The Lindner case highlights the importance of protecting healthcare professionals who provide care to vulnerable communities, including transgender individuals. It also underscores the need for greater awareness and protection of the LGBTQ community, which continues to face violence and discrimination. Authorities and prosecutors must continue to take swift action against those who threaten and harm members of the LGBTQ community and work to ensure their safety and well-being.


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